Horizont - Treetop Saw

The horizontal saw, “Horizont”, is mostly used for cutting treetops next to high voltage lines. The trees are cut short enough to keep them from hitting the power line if they fall.

The saw consists of two blades, each blade one metre in diameter. The saw is driven by it’s own motor and operated by the helicopter pilot.
The saw height is determined by a video camera and monitor in the cockpit, with the height of the power line as reference.
Topping trees with the helicopter and horizontal saw strongly reduces the need for manual clearing on the ground. Under “normal” circumstances the horizontal saw can top both sides of the powerline at a rate of 3-4 kilometres per hour.

All of our helicopter applications are approved 
by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority and EASA. Horisont 1, Certified 1996-11-19.