Uppercut S10 - The Vertical Saw

Usability - saves man-hours and reduces injuries

The Uppercut S-10 provides a smooth operation due to its manoeuvrability. Compared to manual tree cutting, whereby transportation of staff and equipment stands for 90% of time, the usage of Uppercut S-10 reduces transportation to just 10%.

Time to start is very short, no specific ground equipment is necessary. Furthermore this method saves workers from unnecessary risks and injuries.

Helimatic provides design, development, service and training related to the Uppercut S-10 saw. Today the Uppercut S-10 has been sold to several countries around the world with approximately 15.000 hours of operation logged.

Approved helicopter platforms:

  • MD 500 D, E and F versions
  • AS 350 B1, B2, BA and B3 versions
  • SA 315 Lama
  • Bell 407
  • EC 120

All of our helicopter applications are approved by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority and EASA. Uppercut S10, Certified 2001-09-05. CE- marked 2001-11-22.